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Design can REDEFINE an Organization

Creatives are no longer a novelty or nice-to-have addition for a company. We are a key component in how businesses operate. Our ability to empathize, communicate and connect leads to incredible experiences for our brands, customers and co-workers. We are thought leaders, breaking down silos and unifying organizations around our vision. We look past how things are and paint the picture for what can be. When a team of creative people is aligned around a similar goal they can transform an organization.


Leadership is a Verb

What I do carries more weight than what they say. That doesn’t mean my words don’t matter, but my actions matter more. As a team leader, my role is to be a guide. To share experiences. To innovate. To help my team chart a path for growth while ensuring they have the tools needed to push their skills to new heights.


Experiences are Designed

Experience Design is a mindset. It’s a strategic approach to solving problems. Many creative teams utilize Experience Design, but it can be applied to designing ANY experience – from innovating new products to creating policies that improve the workplace for employees.

Companies that embrace a culture of Experience Design shift the focus from themselves to the end-user. By becoming more empathetic and learning the pain points of your users you can not only develop new and improved experiences but you also create advocates for your brand.

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