Your Attractive Heading

Brian Scroggins

Hire your replacement
is the phrase that came
to mind when hiring Brian.
His ability to interact with different project owners
and put them at ease is
a skill most never learn.
Bob Renock
Old National Bank


Experience Design is a mindset. It is a strategic approach to creating meaningful and memorable interactions between people and products, services and environments. It involves understanding user needs and behaviors, and using design thinking to craft engaging experiences that delight and inspire.

Brand Management

Brand Management is more than designing a logo. It’s about crafting a brand experience. It’s being intentional with all interactions a customer has with a brand, from initial awareness to post-purchase. It encompasses every touchpoint and emotion, creating a lasting impression that drives loyalty, and creates brand advocacy.


Digital transformation can have a lasting impact on an organization. By identifying and implementing innovative digital technologies into all aspects of a business, Digital Transformation has the ability to break down silos, enhance customer experience, improve engagement and help a business exceed their goals.


My Why

Creative Problem Solving

Creatives are no longer a novelty or nice-to-have addition for a company. We are a key component in how businesses operate. Our ability to understand, innovate and connect, leads to incredible experiences. We are thought leaders, breaking down silos and unifying organizations. We look past how things are and paint the picture for what can be. When a team of creative people are aligned around a similar goal they can transform an organization.

Building a Culture of Design Thinking

Design plays a significant role in redefining an organization by shaping its strategy, culture and operations. Design thinking puts the user’s needs and experiences at the center of the design process. Implementing a user-centric approach, organizations are able to better understand their customers and design products, services and experiences that meet their needs. By incorporating design thinking into its strategy, I help organizations differentiate from their competitors and create a more compelling value proposition for their customers.

Leadership is a Verb

Over the years, I have learned that what I do carries more weight than what I say. That doesn’t mean words don’t matter, but words put into action matter more. As a team leader, my role is to chart a path and to be the guide. To share experiences. To innovate. Push boundaries and challenge the status quo. Lay the foundation for my team and ensure they have the tools needed to push their skills to new heights.


About Me

Marketing leader with two decades of experience guiding creative and digital teams in both in-house and agency environments.

Award-winning designer, web developer and video producer that transitioned to leadership roles as an agency owner, creative director and brand director. Expertise in experience design, digital transformation, brand management and marketing strategy. Excels in client-facing roles and collaborating with executive management teams to ensure marketing efforts align with business goals while creating impactful solutions for customers.